Sculptor, Painter, Potter   


Coco Costigan was born in Santa Monica, California, in 1971. Coco’s love for art began at an early age.  However, it started out as a love for architecture and interior design.  When she got to high school, she spent much of her creative time drawing and painting.  It wasn’t until her third year in college when she realized clay satisfied most of her creative needs.  Over the past three decades Coco has pushed the boundaries of clay, finding that there really aren’t any boundaries. Making this medium one of the most versatile. 

Coco attended Santa Monica College in 1989-92 receiving an AA degree in Art History with emphasis in design. After spending a semester in London, England in 1990, and having traveled throughout Europe in her teens and 20’s, it was those experiences that solidified her love and respect for fine art.  In 1992 Coco transfered to California State University of Long Beach. This was where she began her journey in clay and in 1996 she earned her B.F.A. degree in Ceramic Arts.

In 1997, Coco moved back to her home town of Santa Monica, creating her first business adventure “In Pop’s Garage”. A ceramic studio in her Pop’s garage. Coco created work for clients and taught private pottery lessons. In 1998, she began teaching full time at Corinth Ceramics Studio in West Los Angeles. She opened her own ceramics studio/gallery in 2000 – called Santa Monica Mudd.  It was there that she would create, exhibit and teach ceramic art classes to kids and adults of all ages. Coco’s work was featured in several art galleries and juried shows throughout Southern CA., including; Austin Art Projects, Charles Arnoldi Gallery, Malibu Unites, Cal Poly Pomona, CA. St. Univ. of Long Beach.  In 2011, a couple years after starting a family with her husband Tom, she relocated her business to Malibu, CA., to work from home and raise their children. She opened a studio at her home and was able to raise her children with her husband, while continuing to teach, create and show her work. 

Getting back to her mother’s roots, in 2019, Coco and her family relocated to Bozeman, Montana. Coco continues to create and teach in her studio – located in her home in Bozeman.  She has been exhibiting and selling work at local venues such as the Big Sky Artisan Festival, Montana Made Fair and SLAM Festival. And participating in juried shows and contests through the National Council of Arts and Education, the Sweet Pea Summer and Winter Festival, The Archie Bray Brick Yard and the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture.      Coco is currently a member/artist of the Artists’ Gallery in Downtown Bozeman, located in the Emerson Center for Arts & Culture.  

Coco’s inspiration for her sculptural work mainly comes from her family. Her father, who lived to be just shy of 95, had many stories to share about his childhood and what life was like growing up. He was in the Navy during World War II. After he served he went to college and then became an F.B.I. Agent.  He even had a few great stories to share about that experience. My father held on to artifacts and relics, not only validating his experiences, these objects helped make each story come to life, or perhaps it was the stories that made the objects come to life. Toys, tools and sports paraphernalia were amongst the possessions my father held on to and preserved. Most were antique, dating back to the early 1900’s. 

This was where much of Coco’s inspiration flourished and she was on a mission to not only recreate those family heirlooms, but to keep the stories alive. By doing so, Coco has captured several moments in time that people can relate to and reflect upon. Each sculpture was created out of clay. Various techniques were used to recreate each of these family heirlooms.