The Americana Collection

This hyper-realistic collection is created entirely out of clay by Coco Costigan.

Coco Costigan Art – Clay Sculptures

Fine Art Commissions welcome. Contact Coco if you have something special – you’d like recreated out of clay.

This collection of hyper-realistic ceramic sculpture, created by Coco Costigan, are created using slab, wheel and or sculpted from a mound of clay.

Reflecting back to a time when craftsmanship was expected, and fine quality – never compromised. Coco pays homage to utilitarian objects that were built to last.

Coco’s desire to recreate these objects from her family’s past has given her a better understanding of the way things used to be cared for. We now live in a time/culture that is based on consumption and objects are expendable.  

With meticulous and accurate detail, Coco’s ability to replicate these heirlooms, while sharing a stories from her family’s past, will have you second guessing.

Coco chooses relics from a bygone era that people can relate to and reflect upon, in hopes to invoke an emotion or spark a memory held dormant by time.

Hyper-realism is an art genre that resembles reality in an extraordinary context.

Fine Art Commission work is notated in the gallery.