Hyper Realism

Coco’s realism/sculptural work is inspired by her family’s relics. She recreates these sentimental objects because they are memories that she and/or her family hold dear and objects that continue to function. After she creates the shape and fires the clay, Coco adds multiple layers of acrylic paint to achieve a realistic appearance – as if these recreations had been there and done it. She pays homage to a time when things were built to last. Her love for carving, sculpting and working with the maliuable medium is obvious through the great attention she gives to what it is she is creating. Her ability to make clay look like a material other than clay, is unbelievable.  In fact, those who have touched her work say that Coco has the ability to fool you into thinking it feels like something other than clay. ie: wood leather and metal. This is a tremendous challenge because the objects are so familiar and at times, Coco displays  them side by side.

Many of these sculptures are avaiable for sale. For information on a specific body of work, please contact Coco Costigan Art.

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