Designs that function

Thermal Pool Platter

  Functional Ware

  Dish – Drink – Vessel

Each ceramic piece is one of a kind and hand crafted by the artist – Coco Costigan.  Coco’s attention to detail and love for carving is captured through her use of clay. She has created stamps – allowing her to pay tribute to the beauty and wild life – indigenous to Montana.  Using the slab method, the potters wheel and pinching, each creation is unique and simplistic.      Coco embraces the color of the natural clay body by using a brilliant clear glaze and will accent her carvings with a clay based colorant to capture the detail. Occasionally Coco will choose a colored glaze to brighten up the inside of a piece.    

All of her functional art is food safe. Hand washing is always best.

 These pieces are all original and in some cases – inventory may be low.                                                                                              Note that size, shape and color will vary – as each piece is hand made.        

 Please allow several (4-6) weeks for custom orders. 

Vases and Vessels

For function or decor… These vases are lovely with or without flowers. Most of the glazes Coco uses are non-toxic. However, glazes that contain cadmium are notated for decorative use only. The brilliant red glaze used on the smaller vases are made so that the vase holding the flowers will not be effected by the decorative glazes, as this decorative glaze is only used around the lip of the vase. The interior of the vases are lined with a non toxic glaze.  (Linear and Bulbous Grass Vases)