Designs that function

Thermal Pool Platter

  Functional Ware

  Dish – Drink – Vessel

Coco utilizes several techniques, when it comes to creating her functional art.  The potters is one of the tools Coco uses to create mugs, vases and larger wheel thrown vessels, however, Coco enjoys using the slab technique to create mush of her “raw ware”. The pinch and coil technique are some of the other ways she creates as well. And there are projects that simply require a chunk of clay that she manipulates through touch, to in order to create something more organic. All of these methods are necessary for the work Coco does.  After each piece is created, Coco bisque fires the pieces to a temperature of 1945 degrees. The clay then becomes “bisque ware”. The second firing is called a “glaze firing”, which makes her creations functional. This is done at a temperature of 1888 degrees. This vitrifies the clay body so that these pieces are able to contain food and liquid. Coco only uses food safe glazes for her functional art.

These pieces are all original and in some cases may have already sold. If you see something you like and it is not in stock, I can create this piece again. Allow 3-5 weeks from to create and another week if shipping is needed. 

Each piece is hand made. Which means that the size, shape and color may vary. 

Vases and Vessels

For function or decor… These vases are lovely with or without flowers. Most of the glazes Coco uses are non-toxic. However, glazes that contain cadmium are notated for decorative use only. The brilliant red glaze used on the smaller vases are made so that the vase holding the flowers will not be effected by the decorative glazes, as this decorative glaze is only used around the lip of the vase. The interior of the vases are lined with a non toxic glaze.  (Linear and Bulbous Grass Vases)