Design... Wall Art / Unity Chains / Lighting for the Home

Bringing a bit of the outside in.

Scroll down and check out a variety of  work by Coco Costigan Art.

Including; Acrylic on canvas, Hyper-realism/ceramic sculptures and Panels with surf and skate (clay) carvings on wood panels. Below those are Coco’s wheel thrown Unity Chains and her Pendant Lighting collection.  

Acrylic on Canvas

From the beaches of Southern California to the Mountains of Montana, Coco has found a similarity between the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the clouds in Big Sky country. Color and texture play a significant role in capturing the moodiness one might find in the sky or sea. She successfully projects this emotion on to the canvas. Coco feels a sense of freedom when she paints on canvas. She is not bound by an object that requires precision. Instead, she embraces the blank slate and lets the pigment of the paint determine the outcome. 


Realism – Wall Art

 So realistic, that Coco had to mount these inanimate objects to a back drop – frame so that they are not mistaken for the real deal. 


3-D Wall Art 

Clay on Canvas

Having grown up in Southern California, Coco spent much of her time working and playing in a skate and surf environment. Reflecting on times from her past,           Coco merges her love for painting with her love for carving in clay, capturing subjects in action, through images and photographs, as well as familiar logos that symbolize a significant time in her life.  

Medium; Clay on Wood Panels using Acrylic and Clay on Canvas using acrylic.  

Unity Chains – Links

The Unity Chain is a symbolic way to celebrate family and time. Through the use of the potters wheel, Coco has successfully merged her love for design with her love for clay by creating a unique and architecturally sound link of rings, becoming a focal point / conversation piece in ones home. These links can suspend or merely lay a top a mantle or table, allowing one to create a unique sculpture to ones liking. Interlocking chains are a smaller version of the larger Unity Chain. These rings are typically 6″ in diameter and come full circle creating a necklace like link. These can also be used as a pedestal for a platter – as seen in the photo below.  These links can be manipulated/positioned to create various sculptures.  These are kiln fired with the use of a natural low fire clay body. The surface has been treated to give it a subtle shine. These links can be custom ordered for that special someone in your life. Are you celebrating an anniversary or birthday? Are you selling real estate and need a fantastic house warming gift for your client? Perhaps Grandma would appreciate a gift symbolizing all of her grandchildren… Something to think about…

At this time, Coco will only be creating these as custom orders. Allow 5-6 weeks.    


Bands of Light – Pendent Lighting

       Creating an environment – using “Bands of Light”. Ceramic luminary pendents. Delicate and unique. 

These are custom made to order. Fixture not included.