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Pottery/Hand-building Lessons and Hand and Foot Impressions

Coco has been teaching ceramic art since 1994. She was the founder and owner of Santa Monica Mudd Ceramics Studio as well as Malibu Mudd Studio/Gallery. Being able to share her love for the medium has been a blessing.  Coco has worked with students of all ages as well as those living with physical and mental challenges. Coco teaches her students basic techniques in clay; from slab work, to the use of the potters wheel.  Coco guides each student with a hands on approach to ensure that each student, regardless of ones skill level, has the ability/guidance to create a functioning and/or decorative piece of art.

                          The studio has a a variety of decorative options to choose from; press molds, stamps, lace, and wood block imprints, to name a few.                                                   Creativity does not have to be ones strong point in order to make something functional. Students can create and paint all in the same day, with the use of clay based colorants. These are called underglazes. Every clay piece will undergo two firings. If underglaze is used, a clear glaze will then be applied to the ceramics after it has gone through the first firing. The glaze firing allows the piece to become vitreous. In other words – water tight and functional. For those who sign up for a series classes, you’ll have the opportunity to use glazes. Firings will take place approximately every 2-4 weeks.

Coco also captures a moment in time by offering Hand and Foot Impressions and Convex prints. These make great gifts for the family and are wonderful keepsakes as the years go by. For more information contact Coco to set up an appt. Baby prints can be captured in clay at as young as 5 weeks old. However, If you have a premie, Coco Costigan Art will not do impressions on babies until after five week of the actual due date. This has to do with bone development. See below for more information. 

If you have an interest in scheduling a private class, a series of classes or you’d like to put together a group lesson.

Lessons in Clay…


Group Lesson (4 – 8 students) – One class:

$60. – 1.5-2 hours/per adult  Create 1 wheel or hand built project.  

$35. – per hour  Come back to the studio to glaze their bisque project.   

Private lessons (1 – 3 students) – One class:

$85. – 1 hour/per person Create 1 project and paint the same day)

$125. – 2 hours/per person Create 2-3 projects with the option to paint)

$35. – per hour/per person Glaze bisque pottery from previous class.

Weekly Classes (4 – 8 students) – Series of 4 classes.  

(one make-up per session)  

Learn a variety of techniques used to create a functioning object.  Slab, wheel, pinch pot, coil as well as painting, will be introduced during a session (4 classes).

$140. – 1 hour / 4 classes for (kids) – creating a total of  3 projects.

$240. – 1.5 – 2 hour / 4 classes for (adults) – creating 1 project each lesson w/option to paint using underglaze                                                                           or pay additional $25 per hour to glaze projects at a later date. 

Holiday Work Shops (a minimum of 4 students)

 $65. – 1.5 hour/per artist  Creating a holiday project using either the wheel or slab technique. Students will also learn a variety of decorating techniques using; stamps, press molds, lace, cookie cutters and found objects 

(At this time I have no classes scheduled. Please contact Coco to schedule a group lesson weekly / bi-weekly or on a month to month basis).

Students may create additional pieces for an additional charge. $15 – $30. per piece – depending on size.

Hand and Foot Impressions 

Double Impressions  $45. This includes impression of both hands or both feet or a hand and a foot – name and date optional on front.

Single $25.  This includes impression one hand or one foot – name and date optional on front.

Convex Prints:  Double $35. each Single $15 each. You must order impressions to do the convex prints. 

Specialized shapes to place print on; heart, surf board, cloud, fish, boat etc. $75 for a single. $95 for a double.  

New borns must be at least 5 weeks old – from due date. 



Things to know…

•  Allow 3-5 weeks for projects to be fired and returned 

•. Artists need to be responsible and respectful in the studio and on the property. 

 •. CCA appreciates a 24 hour notice for cancellation. 

•  CCA allows one make up – per session. 

•. No refunds on classes or purchases.

•. CCA. is not responsible for breaks, cracks, or damaged pieces once the item leaves the studio. Nor is the CCA responsible for items left in studio beyond 6 months.

•  CCA has the right to refuse business to anyone.  

•. Clients will be notified when projects are ready to be picked up and should pick them up in a timely fashion.